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Arch Technology Solutions offers a full suite of IT support services. Our flagship product is our proprietary archsupport® service which is the new standard in IT infrastructure maintenance. archsupport® boasts a higher quality of service as well as being more cost effective than an OEM’s competition network solutions service, such Cisco’s SMARTnet®.

In addition, archsupport® can manage a customers existing SMARTnet® contract while managing the archsupport® contract under a single phone number and contract ID.

Network Maintenance

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A guaranteed response 2x as fast the competition, 100% case completion, and 40% cost savings or 150% money back.

Consulting Services

Support Service

Do you require consultation support for your network? Arch Technology Solutions can provide network maintenance as well as support.

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Our network solutions include an arsenal of service levels that are OEM equivalent. We also include added service incentives such as 100% case resolution (something that OEM’s do not guarantee), a response time which is twice as fast as the OEM, and significantly improved cost effectiveness. Arch’s network solution services are the obvious choice for anybody who is trying to optimize their budget while also enjoying a superior level of customer service.

What Do We Service?

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Technician Certifications

The technicians here at Arch Technology Solutions hold a wide array of certification levels from all of the different OEM’s that cover equipment for. From first level certifications such as CCNA or JNCIA all the way up to expert technician certifications such as CCIE and JNCIE.

Why Arch Technology Solutions?

OEM Equivalent+ Network Maintenance

As our core business Arch Solutions is the leader in Multi-Vendor IT Maintenance Support, offering extensive support with over 326 Cisco, Juniper, F5 and Brocade Certified Engineers staffing our Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) in 4 different countries to support your entire install base. Arch Solutions works with a select group of hand picked partners in your area that provide a human being in your area to get you going today.

Guaranteed Case Resolution

Arch Solutions methodology on Case Resolution is very different than any OEM or other provider, where they only offer a guaranteed response time, Arch Solutions offers a guaranteed resolution. This is paramount in cases of network degradation and down time. Arch Solutions Maintenance Services are technically a hybrid solution; where Arch Solutions manages all Tier 1-3 troubleshooting, parts warehousing, testing, and logistics, and centralized contract management. In turn, Arch Solutions will periodically escalate a case to the OEM for any intellectual property needs, such as software updates, or any engineering needs such as bug or glitch reporting at no extra cost whatsoever. These methods of operations allow the customer peace of mind in both faster responses and guaranteed resolution, without losing touch with the OEM when needed. archsupport® will typically save customers at minimum 7% on their overall IT/IS budgets and 50% on their maintenance and external services budget.


Dedicated Client Portals

Arch Support offers client specific dedicated portals for qualifying contracts. These portals allow for independent ticket management, SLA compliance, and a centralized database of client assets and contracts. Portals are managed by an independent Arch Solutions employee for that specific customer and acts as a real life go-to for any client needs. Dedicated-Portal-Keynote-Graphic2.001-e1396553402654

With the archsupport network solution you’ll decrease your downtime and reduce your existing budget. Saving you time and money, while guaranteeing a better service, is what we’re all about. Contact Us today to find out more about our service.